10 Fun Spring Activities For Kids

10 quick & Easy Spring Activities for kids

As the weather gets nice, everyone is face painting! You’ll see face painting at every festival, birthday party or community event, but we also wanted to include 10 Fun Spring Activities For Kids  to do other than face painting as well.

  1. Pretend to be a tiger in the wild with Face PaintingEasy Tiger For Toddlers Tutorial. Kids love to pretend they’re little animals, what a better way to help their imaginations and to spend quality time together than by painting them up with easy tutorials you can find on Youtube and awesome non-toxic, high quality face paints like these.                                                                                            Tiger fun-face-painting-techniques-for-kids-under-3
  2. Make a bird feeder and hang it outside – Popsicle Sticks Bird Feeders. The birds are on their way back from the south and they’ll be hungry when they arrive. Have your little one make an inviting treat for them to hang on a tree in your backyard.

    bird feeder - 10 Fun Spring Activities For Kids | www.weebumz.com
    Photo Courtesy of 101gardening
  3. Blow bubbles outside with these 20 BUBBLE ACTIVITIES KIDS WILL LOVE!. My son can’t get enough of bubbles. In the winter we blow them in the bathtub, but now that the weather is getting nicer, and spring is here, we can experiment with the 20 different bubble activities that The Simple Parent put together. From hurricane machines to building a bubble tower (how do you do that?) these are perfect for curing any spring break boredom.
  4. Play Hopscotch with Easy DIY Rainbow Paver Hopscotch. If you have some extra pavers lying around, why not use them to create this colourful game of hopscotch?
  5. Create cute frogs by following these easy 18 Cute Frog Crafts For Kids. Who else loves frogs? Maybe you don’t like the real thing, but these crafts are sure to win you over.
  6. Do an Eye Spy Nature treasure hunt. Here’s how you can do it.

    spring scavenger hunt - 10 Fun Spring Activities For Kids | www.weebumz.com
    Photo Courtesy of kcedventures
  7. Create a “Sticky Garden”What’s a sticky garden and how to make one. I’ve never heard of this before have you? This is so pretty, easy and educational. All you need is some contact paper, a window and a collection of flowers and the leaves from the plant.

    sticky-fresh-flowers-for-spring - 10 Fun Spring Activities For Kids | www.weebumz.com
    Photo Courtesy of kidsplaybox
  8. Fingerprint or Fork Dandelion PaintingUse a finger or a fork!
  9. Painting with trucks60 Spring Break Boredom Busters. This one is my 2 year old sons favourite! It’s one of those activities that doesn’t need an explanation.  I set up a simple invitation to paint with trucks for my toddler. Put a big sheet of paper outside on the grass in the backyard and let them go to town!                                   painting with trucks - 10 Fun Spring Activities For Kids | www.weebumz.com
  10. Fly a home-made kite at the parkHow to make a kiteMaking a kite together with your kids is such a wonderful learning experience and flying it together is rewarding and so much fun to play with together!

Flying a homemade kite - 10 Fun Spring Activities For Kids | www.weebumz.com

These 10 Fun Spring Activities For Kids are just some of the things you can do for fun this spring break. Do you have any planned activities that you’ll be doing with your kids during the break? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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Happy Spring to you and your family!

10 quick & Easy Spring Activities for kids
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