12 Stupid Things Every New Mom Has Done

Becoming a new parent is tough. You are going to be thrown right in at the deep end, a little bit unsure as to how you can actually raise a human being. You are bound to make mistakes. Thankfully, you have stumbled across this page. These are 12 Stupid Things Every New Mom Has Done at least once whilst raising their child. Maybe you could learn from them?

12 Stupid Things Every New Mom Has Done ? www.weebumz.com

Okay, maybe stupid is a strong word, but the following list could save you some feelings of guilt, and make you feel better overall as a new mom. You may want to refrain from the following…

1. Listen to advice: when you have a child, all sorts of advice is going to be thrown at you from all manner of different directions. The trick is to learn to ignore most of this advice. A lot of the information that you get will be conflicting. You should listen to yourself and yourself only.

2. Free time: don’t make plans. New moms underestimate just how much time a child is going to take up. You will be lucky if you can complete just a couple of chores a day. If you wish to hang out with your friends, they best come and visit you.

3. Being a friend over a parent: many new moms, when their child starts to get older, make the mistake of trying to be a friend to their child. You can be a friend. However, you do not want to let this get in the way of discipline. Your child needs to know when they have done something wrong. If they do not, they will continue with that behavior.

4. Sickness: your child is going to get sick. They are going to get sick a lot, in fact. A huge mistake is to assume that the worst is happening to them (parents do this all the time). In most cases, your child is going to be mildly ill. That is it. A quick cold. It will blow over in a few days. If you are seriously worried, however, then you should talk to your doctor.

5. Napping: if your child is sleeping, you should be sleeping. Many new moms make the mistake of carrying out a few chores whilst their baby is resting their eyes. Good luck with that. You will be losing a lot of sleep if you go down that route.

6. Never compare your baby to another baby. I am not talking about looks here (your baby is the cutest!). instead, I am talking about their sleeping schedules, the way they act etc. your baby, just like every other baby, is its own person. It will act differently. Learn the nuances of your child, not other children.

7. Your job as a parent is not to ensure that your baby stops crying as soon as possible. Babies have only one way to communicate with you. That is through crying. Sometimes, your baby is going to cry for absolutely no reason. You are going to need to deal with that. Just let them cry it out, otherwise you will be completely stressed trying to find a cause.

8. NEVER wake your child up to feed it. Your baby will wake up on its own when it is hungry. If you wake your child up, you will constantly be stressed as you will find it tough to get them to fall asleep again.
9. There is a difference between spit-up and vomit. Spit-up is fine. It will happen. If your child is vomiting, which would occur every 40 minutes or so, then you need to take them to a specialist.

10. Many new parents, once they have a child, tend to ignore their marriage. Many marriages actually fall apart after a birth. Never let it get to that point. Yes, you both have new priorities in your life, but you still need to make time for one another.

11. Don’t stress about the small things. It doesn’t matter too much about the stroller you get your child, there is no such thing as too much stimulation, and the child probably doesn’t really get what stuffed toy they have. You have enough stress in your life without worrying about those small things.

12. Finally: if somebody offers to help. SAY YES! It takes a load off of your plate.


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