20 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Kids Party

The Perfect Kids Party

PLAN WITH YOUR CHILD, ask preferred guests, best friends, dream team, etc.Mother and Daughter

  1. Think of your motif, go for your child’s DREAM THEME! Every party needs a theme.cowboy-party-theme
  2. Stick to simple FANTASTIC FOODS, go for self-serve snacks.birthday food ideas
  3. Buy/Order a plain, inexpensive cake or make your own then top it with a unique personalized topper. Some cool ideas that Cool Mom has are things like creating flowers out of licorice, and using other candy to make colorful and impactful designs on regular store bought cakes to make them look like expensive and professionally decorated cakes for a fraction of the cost! Click here for details. easy-cake-decorating-ideas-for-store-bought-cakesLET THEM EAT THE CAKE.
  4. Be strict about guests: as general rule of thumb it is good to invite the same # of Kids (Guests) as years of the Host (Celebrant), simply equate as AGE=GUESTS and plus 1 for buffer.
  5. Let the children have their party as A CHILDREN’S PARTY; have the adults leave for kids to enjoy their party independently. Make it clear that this is a party for the children not adults. (applicable only when they are old enough to cope)
  6. Make sure to REWARD EVERYONE, no loosers and weepers, the party should be fun and enjoyable to everyone.contest_winner
  7. Choose the IDEAL TIME for the Party, go for non-peak time and limit the party to 2-3 HOURS.
  8. Don’t forget to plan for FUN ACTIVITIES & GAMES – stick with the classics! Face Paint always puts a smile on everyones face. It’s an easy, and inexpensive way to add fun to any party! With our face paint kit you don’t have to hire an artist because we include reusable stencils and step-by-step instructions on how to do the most popular face paint designs.Face Paint Kit-Ultimate Party Pack Art Supplies For Kids-Professional Palette, with Brushes, Stencils, Sponge-Halloween Body Painting or Any Event-High-Quality, Safe-Fun for Children!-100% Money Back
  9. Let children provide the ENTERTAINMENT or hire undiscovered talent.
  10. Make sure you have CAMERAS, full charged batteries and back-up camera & batteries just in case.
  11. Prepare your PARTY GIVEAWAYS or instead of random plastic toy, fill it with items that double as activities.
  12. MUSIC! RHYTHM! POSITIVE VIBES! It sets the atmosphere of your party or it will be dead boring. MAKE IT MAGICAL!
  13. Let PRESENT OPENING be done after the party; that way whether the child likes the gift or not, it will be less hassle for you.
  14. Keep the VENUE close to home.
  15. Provide ACTIVITY STATIONS. Check out these great ideas from Night Owl Corner.Sesame_Street_party_5.jpg
  16. Keep it clean up SIMPLE
  17. Send out an ONLINE INVITATION via email, its easier to send, free and it will make it a lot easier for you to manage / plan ahead knowing the headcount through accepted invites.
  18. BE CREATIVE, COST-EFFECTIVE AND PRACTICAL. Here’s a great article on how to through an amazing party for $50.
  19. DECOR: Keep in mind the 3 B’s: Bunting, Balloons, and Backdrop.

Did we miss any in our 20 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Kids Party? We’d love to hear if you have any to add in our comments below.



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