20 Valentines Day Gifts Kids Will Love

Valentine Gifts For Kids | http://www.weebumz.com

Celebrating Valentines Day with my family is really important to me.  Any reason to invest some quality time showing them how much I love them and giving them something that would make them happy, makes me happy too! Valentine’s Day can be a day when some kids can get overloaded with candy, and I am not a HUGE fan of sugar. Of course, I love a good piece of dark chocolate at time and I want my kids to have a treat now and then as well, but I found some things (that aren’t candy) that I know my son would like, and wanted to share them here with you to give you  some ideas too! Here are 20 Valentines Day Gifts Kids Will Love for 2016…

Valentine Gifts For Kids | http://www.weebumz.com

Tom Heart Shoes

These Toms shoes are adorable and your daughter (or son) will love them. I don’t know if you have a pair of Toms shoes, but mine are so comfortable, I would imagine the kids shoes would be just as comfortable. Hearts never go out of style so she’ll be able to wear them spring, summer and fall!

This could be a great activity for you and your child to do together or to keep them busy so you can cook dinner. How sweet would it be for them to give them as a Valentine gift for their friend too.

So inexpensive and so much fun. These are great for any age. Even my toddler loves temporary tattoos.

There’s always room for one more fun, bright, comfy, crazy pillow – especially when it’s as fun as this sweetheart pillow! This soft poly/spandex blend pillow front features a photoreal print on the front with a bright, sweet, sugar design while the back features soft solid pink fleece. It’s super comfortable and squishy since it’s filled with microbeads that move with you. Match up with an iscream initial pillow for a super-sweet bedroom treat! The perfect combination of fun, design and comfort!

Tell your baby how much you love them. This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines describing some aspect of your affection for your beloved. Just complete each line and voilà: you have a uniquely personal gift your loved one will read again and again.

Spend quality time with your child painting their face! This best selling kit is the Most Fun & Safe, Non-toxic, Natural, Easy-To-Use Professional Face Paint For Kids. Use the left overs for their next event. This kit paints over 65 faces for only $17!

Need to take your little one somewhere fancy? Or, maybe just to your friends house but want him to look fancy. When the occasion calls for your little man to look his best, Stephan baby’s tiny tux bib and bootie socks gift set will get him ready to go in style.

I L-O-V-E this shirt. It’s cute and casual, and looks comfortable. I’m getting this for my little guy. Too cute. This one had to make my list of 20 Valentines Day Gifts Kids Will Love for 2016.

Made with soy-based ink for the non-skid grips, you and your little ones will love rock-a-thigh baby thigh socks by themselves during those cool fall and spring months and under pants or dresses in the colder winter months, sock cuffs are comfortable and designed not to roll down or twist so they stay up and stay on chubby little legs, ribbed panels at the ankle and arch help keep thigh socks in place while keeping the entire leg warm in strollers and baby carriers, a fashionable alternative to tights.

The hearts stack on one another or fit together inside the frame like a puzzle. Your child will have fun and build skills at the same time. They come in different colors but I really like the rainbows so they can learn their colors too. Grimm’s is a German Brand that lovingly creates heirloom-quality, imaginative wooden playthings. Created entirely by hand, the set is a work of art will be adored by all ages (minimum age: 1 year+).

I know some parents have a hard time keeping glasses (and hats) on their children, but my sone absolutely loves glasses and these glow in the dark would be no exception. They’re Non toxic, so suitable for any age and 10 come in a pack so he could give them to his friends to love too!

LEGO Valentine’s Day Heart Box

So many boys (and girls) love Lego, so why not give them a set that goes with the them of Valentines Day? Good alternative to candy and cards. They can share the love in a fun and creative way. There’s more options too like Lego Rose, Lego Valentine Day Dinner SetTeddy Bear, and Lego Valentine Gift Box. Who knew there were so many Valentines Day Lego sets? Not me!

When I was in Brazil, I learned about Monster High. I thought it was pretty imaginative actually. If your little monster is into it they will probably like this doll.

You don’t have to be a toddler to like rubber duckies. I bought my husband one of these before we had kids. A trick to keeping the old out of them is to glue gun the hole shut, but then you miss out on the squirting fun.

12 Assorted Rainbow Color Heart Springs

“Slinky, slinky” I forget the words to the ad that used to run in the 70’s when I was a kid. I still like slinky’s and these are just as great! If you or you’re kids class is having a Valentine’s Day party, these could be good gift bag stuffers.

Funky Heart Roll Stickers (100 Piece)

Add these to the gift bags too. You get 100 pieces for only $4!

Glass Pale Pink Heart Night Light

This is a beautiful night light made with Pink Fused Glass Chips. Lead-Free Solder so you can feel comfortable adding the perfect touch to your childs bedroom, or bathroom. Use it to cast soft light as a reminder to a child or grandchild of your love for them all night long.


My son loves playing with balloons and this lovely Heart Shape Balloon would be no exception.

Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies Love Design

Okay, I really want these for myself. I know I said I wasn’t a big fan of sugar, but these are beautiful and sound delicious! I think the whole family would love these. They’re packaged in a clear round container and wrapped with a red ribbon. You get 7 Milk Chocolate Dipped Oreos decorated with Love. Awe.

Gund Itty Bitty Boo Hearts Headband

Okay, stop the press! This is the cutest! GUND modeled this miniature plush after boo, the world’s cutest dog – the wildly popular Pomeranian with over 16 million Facebook fans! Check out their assortment of other Itty Bitty Boo Dogs Here.

So that wraps up the 20 Valentines Day Gifts Kids Will Love for 2016. Do you think your kids would like any of these gifts? What are you doing for Valentine Day with your family? What gifts will you be giving? We’d love to hear about it in out comments below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Really nice gift ideas for kids on Valentine’s Day. My favorite is the glass pale pink heart night light. My boys would love that in their room at night.

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