Easy Valentine Face Painting Tutorial


Do you want to do something fun with your kids? Do you have some face paints on hand? You could watch this Easy Valentine Face Painting Tutorial  and spend some quality time with them by painting their face for Valentine’s Day. It’s easy and quick for anyone to do. Just give it a shot. It doesn’t really matter how it turns out. The important thing is sending the quality time with them and making it a fun experience. If you don’t have face paints on hand and would like to make your own, you could do that together too! If you can’t be bothered making your own, you could visit our store here and get your paints in just 2 days!

For Valentine’s Day or any event really, this design is quick, but it still looks like it took a long time, and it looks pretty impressive for parents and kids alike.
For the first step, start on the body of the Dragonfly. Start in the middle of your forhead  with a little heart.
Approach it super quick, then add two, maybe three more hearts getting smaller and smaller going down you want to keep them pretty close,  just going into little dots.
Next, do little antennas above the large heart and, do the wings by dragging the brush in and then twisting at the end so it goes into a point.
Using a number six round brush with white. Do little flowers. If you’re quick with your flowers that’s what makes this design super fast because flowers can be super fast. Make sure that you really load your brush with as much paint as possible because you don’t want to have to reload that’s going to take time.
Watching the video makes more sense than just reading this but I thought I’d lay it out for you as well.
Let me know how you liked this Easy Valentine Face Painting Tutorial or if you used it for another occasion or event other than Valentine’s Day in the comments below.
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Thank you for watching our Easy Valentine Face Painting Tutorial. We hope you enjoyed it.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones.

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44 thoughts on “Easy Valentine Face Painting Tutorial

  1. Too cute! You look adorable! I’m going to forward your link to my daughter who enjoys face painting, both on herself and others. She did Halloween faces for many of the boys in her dorm hall. I know she will love this!

  2. I’ve never tried face-painting because I’m scared that I might get a skin reaction to it. That’s why, I’ve always admired people who could have it done. This one is amazing and it would be a perfect pre-event gimmick or feature for guests.

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