Fun Activity For Kids – Slime Bath

Slime bath -

At Weebumz®, we’re always looking for fun activities to keep kids happy, so we created this Fun Activity For Kids – Slime Bath video! Check it out here or on our Youtube Channel.

Watch as she plays in the slime bath filled with colourful plastic pit balls. What child wouldn’t love to do this? My child loves to play in the bath period! Add colourful balls or cars or cups and he’ll stay in there for hours if I let him. Of course, I have other things to do and I wouldn’t want him to turn into a prune so I usually limit his bath time to 45 min. How long does your child stay in the bath for? What are some other things they like to play with? Would love to hear about it in the comments below.

If you’d like to do this for your child you can buy the balls here and the non-toxic slime (Slime Baff) here.

Another great activity that is fun for kids is face painting! The Best Non-Toxic Face Paints On The Market | Weebumz® Ultimate Party Pack washes off easily in the bath too.

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