Fun Easter Activities For Kids

Fun Easter Activities For Kids |

Hippity hop hop Easters on it’s way! Keeping your child entertained through the long weekend could be challenging or it could be fun. With the following Fun Easter Activities For Kids you should have no problems keeping them entertained and have fun spending quality time together.

Bunnies are everywhere this at this time of year and kids love Easter egg hunts. Why not paint their face like a bunny? We created this super easy to follow face painting tutorial to paint on toddlers. If you can paint a bunny on a toddler, you can paint a bunny on anyone. For more tips on how to sooth your toddler so they don’t wiggle too much while doing creating the bunny, we created another video to show you how to do that as well. Here’s 1 of the Fun Easter Activities For Kids, face painting a bunny!

Another one of the Fun Easter Activities For Kids,  is to, of course paint some hard boiled eggs. That’s if you can keep them from cracking them first. I tried this with my 2 year old and all he wanted to do was crack them and eat them. He wasn’t really interested in painting them, but if your child can refrain himself from cracking and put the paint to the egg, here are some easy ways to decorate them from Parent Map.

Silk Tie Died Easter Eggs

If you’re religious, check out these 30+Christ-Centered Easter Activities and Crafts from I can teach my child. After all, that’s how Eater came about in the first place right?

Christ Easter Activities

I love this one because it incorporates movement. Get your little one moving with these Easter Eggs-ercises from The Seasoned Mom.


Since you’ll already have the colourful plastic eggs from the eggs-excise game, you can use them for a matching game after that. Little Bins For Little Hands explains how to do it here.


When your little one is finished matching all of the colors, take one of the eggs and grab a spoon so they can practice their balancing skills. And Next Comes L demonstrates how to do this. It’s so easy!

Egg balance on spoon game

The final Fun Easter Activity For Kids,  I’d like to share is from The Woot. How cute is this little bunny picture frame? I’m definitely going to be making this one and giving it to my sons grandparents.

easter-bunny picture frame |

They also compiled a ton of other super cute ideas and activities for Easter. Check them out here.

Do you have any Fun Easter Activities For Kids planned with your little ones this year? Would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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Happy Easter everybody!

Fun Easter Activities For Kids |

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