Weebumz® Ultimate Face Paint Kit Officially Launched

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Check out Amazon.com and you will see that Weebumz® Ultimate Face Paint Kit Officially Launched, on December 15, 2015!

Weebumz® Ultimate Face Paint Kit Officially Launched

We want to announce the launch of our new Weebumz® product on Amazon.com, which is none other than the Weebumz® Ultimate Face Paint Kit.

Parents who wish to give their children an amazing experience will certainly take great advantage of this newly introduced product. The product is now open for purchase at Amazon.com, so everyone is given a chance to get one for their kids.

IDEAL FOR KIDS OR ADULTS, BEGINNERS OR EXPERTS – Use it for birthday parties, Halloween, school events, church events, fairs, festivals, parades or any time you feel like putting a smile on someone’s face! They are perfect for events for anyone, especially kids and theme play. This would come in handy at a daycare center, preschools; even at local amateur theaters in small towns. In this case, the newly launched product of Blaise Imports could be tremendous fun!

This new Weebumz® Ultimate Face Paint Kit is cruelty-free, natural face paint that does not contain, petro-chemicals, or phthalates and is paraben free. This professional-grade face paint goes on smooth and has excellent coverage. It stays on well and dries fast. The colors remain intense after drying. These are the Safest and Easiest-To-Use Face Paints Around! Our products dry to the touch in one minute and wash off easily with mild soap and water because they are water-based. The kit comes with everything you need to paint at least 65 faces. It has 12 colors and glitter gels, in Silver and Star Dust, 2 brushes, 4 sponges and easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction guides. 

The product is offered with 100% money back guarantee. The paints are made up of non-toxic, cosmetic grade minerals, which adds to the quality of the product. It is also hypoallergenic and is approved by FDA, so everyone is sure that it is totally safe

Weebumz®, started by a single mom in Vancouver Canada, prides itself on producing the best quality, natural, water-based face paints availableon Amazon.

Kids will surely love the outcome of the beautiful designs you can make with the paints, tools, plus all of the helpful guides and links that show you how to paint like a pro. You get access to FREE video tutorials when you purchase a kit and you can find fun design inspiration here on the website.

People will be able to enjoy their events to the fullest now that the Weebumz® Ultimate Face Paint Kit Officially Launched!

To kick things off receive 25% of your purchase for a limited time by entering the CODE: Code= PAINTFUN. Click HERE to get yours now!

THE SECRET TO MAKING  EVERY CHILD SMILE www.amazon.com/shops/weebumz

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